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Why didn’t I get a password reset email from your Carnegie Speech program?

If you have checked the Email Inbox and your Junk Email file and have not found the password reset email there are several possible solutions.

Reasons that you may not have received the password reset email from Carnegie Speech.

  1. Your email address has been entered incorrectly or an alternative email address was used during the enrollment process.  If you think that this might have happened, you can check your other email address for the reset link.
  2. If you were assigned a username and password by your instructor and entered an incorrect email address in NativeAccent, your instructor can correct your email address.  If you are an independent learner and therefore have no instructor to ask to edit this information, please raise a trouble ticket at
  3. The Carnegie Speech email server is down.  If you have confirmed that your email address is correct in the above steps please raise a trouble ticket at