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What is Active Learning Time and how is it calculated?
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Active Learning Time

Active Learning Time is different than Log-In Time, or Wall Clock Time.  Active learning time is measured by the system based on student activity in the lessons.  When the mouse is clicked, the Active Learning Timer starts on 1 minute of active learning time.  If the student continues making recordings in the lesson, the Active Learning Timer continues to count up active learning minutes.  When a student leaves a lesson or pauses their activity for any reason, the time will pause and wait for them to click the record button, at which time it will then continue to count up the active learning minutes.  Active learning minutes are accrued from the students' first logins through their assessment and lessons.


Students do not accrue active learning time minutes for logging in, reading instructions, reviewing lesson overviews, or practicing without actually recording.

Students can view their active learning time on the dashboard "Active Learning Time Report" shown below outlined in orange.  This is a date-range report.



Teachers can view student active learning time using the teacher dashboard and reporting system.

  • The Class Active Learning Time Dashboard Report shows the total class engagement on a specific date or dates within the target date range.  This report is outlined in orange below

  • The Active Learning Time report under the Teacher Tools menu shows the individual student's active learning time, and the number of recordings made, within the target date range.  See the related article below for a detailed explanation of this key report.


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