NativeAccent for Teachers: 07 - View and Understand Reports

View and Understand Reports

NativeAccent uses an Intelligent Tutor to measure and assign lessons based on assessment performance, first language, gender.  This is made possible through the use of a predictive algorithm which calculates a % number indicating the estimated current performance level, based on the predicted probability of correctness of that skill.  The current performance number changes constantly as skills are acquired and as exercises become more difficult.  See also How-is-performance-measured.

Reports – Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports are intended as "class health report” and are useful for identifying active learning minutes, last login date, overall performance, assessment scores and students’ active learning time. The main Teacher View page displays these “Dashboard Reports.”

  • The student name is followed by a series of numbers and icons intended to make their data comprehensible at-a-glance.

The check mark in progress shows that one assessment has been completed, 45 minutes of active learning has occurred, and overall performance (average of averages) is 76%.

At the bottom of the Teacher View, a series of reports are displayed showing the entire class.  The teacher can view a series of reports on Current Performance by Skill, Current Performance By Lesson, Assessment Performance and Active Learning Time by clicking on the appropriate tab

Reports – Class Reports

Class reports are found in the Teacher Tools menu

reports menu.jpg

These reports include:

  • Summary Assessment Report – shows assessment skills for selected students
  • Assessment Report – shows detailed information about each skill score
  • Class Recording Report – this date-range report allows the teacher to listen to student recordings and to view their engagement time in each skill area.
  • Usage report – shows total active learning time from the first login
  • Student Improvement Analyzer – shows student gains in each skill area

To view the class and student performance, click on the teacher’s name in the Teacher View and select Class Reports from the drop-down menu.

Generating Reports

reports menu.jpg

Select the desired students and report options, then click the Generate Report button.

Downloading reports

The Summary Assessment Report and Individual Assessment reports may download to a CSV format and converted to Microsoft Excel format

  • Export Report as a .csv file

  • Click Open in File Download

  • Open the .csv file and click File>Save As> (Chose the location of where you want to save the file) and choose “Save As Type” Microsoft Excel Workbook.xls

Other Options - Copy and Paste Reports

The Class Recording Report / Active Learning Time Table and Student Improvement Analyzer reports are not exportable, however, they can be copied to the computer clipboard and pasted directly into MS Excel.  These copied documents maintain the formatting of the NativeAccent reports.

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