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The Student Roadmap: 01 - On-boarding
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  1. You will receive a temporary username and password from your instructor or lab supervisor.
  2. There are three essential steps in the onboarding process:
    1. Set up computer sound settings for a headset microphone or earbuds - the built-in microphone is not recommended for best results (<5 minutes)
      1. Microphone Set-up guide for Microsoft Windows
      2. Microphone Set-up guide for Mac OSX
      3. No sound setup is required for mobile devices, however, wired or wireless earbuds are strongly recommended.
    2. Log in and complete the course enrollment process. (<5 minutes)
      1. if you receive a message to turn off pop-up blockers, you can keep pop-up blockers on and add an exception to allow
      2. How do I manage pop-up blockers?
    3. Continue and take the initial assessment. (<30 minutes)
      1. If you leave the assessment before completion, exit by clicking Save and Quit (not just close the browser page). This creates a bookmark and allows you to continue the completion of your assessment on your next login.
      2. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a skills scorecard and then be taken to the first lesson in your custom learning path.


Remember, there is a direct relationship between your active learning time practice and your results.  Carnegie Speech recommends 2 or 3 lessons per day for the best balance between practice time and improvement.  2 ½ hours one day a week will not be an effective use of your time.

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