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The Student Roadmap: 04 - Lesson Overview

Preparing for the lesson


Read the instructions, watch the mouth movement and facial movement videos, and practice your skills…no feedback provided…then click the Start Lesson button.

On a mobile device, click Compare to view your facial movement to the movement video.

Click the model speaker icon   to hear a sample of fluent speech. Then record yourself reading the item. NativeAccent focuses on one skill at a time, so concentrate your efforts on that one skill.

Error Correction

The focus sound of the lesson is color-coded.  Green is for “Good”. If your sound production of the focus sound of the lesson is good, you will be advanced to the next exercise.

yellow is for “close”.

and red “NeedsImprovement”

If you are having difficulty with a lesson, click the model speaker icon    and the recording playback button to compare the model speaker to your recording. Try experimenting with different sounds until your skills are color-coded green for  “Good”.   After 5 incorrect recordings, you will be advised to move to the next exercise.  After 10 incorrect recordings, you will be moved to the next exercise.

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  • 19-May-2020