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The Student Roadmap: 07 - My Grades and Other Reports
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Students can track their current skill levels and progress using the reports available in the student tools menu.

My Grades

"My grades" shows the student’s current skill level in each of the skills taught in the course by percentage score and "stars"

Use the dropdown menu to navigate between skill categories.  Order the results using the IPA symbol A or the star icon.

Other Reports

There are a number of other reports available to students from the tools menu.  The two most useful are the Class Recording Report and the Student Improvement Analyzer.


The Class Recording Report is a 2-part, date-range report.

The Class Recording Report allows the student to set the date-range and to listen to their recordings.   The table below the Class Recording Report shows the user's participation within the selected date range.


Part 1.

Active Learning Time Table

The table displayed below the Class Recording Report details the student’s participation during the selected date range, ordered by skill, and displaying the number of recordings and the minutes of active learning time.


Part 2.

Class Recordings

Within a specific date-range (using the start and end date calendars), students can order the recordings by skills or date using the Filters tool.  The recordings are available by clicking each item in the resulting list.

The Class Recording Report is a great tool for identifying problems in both speaking and recording quality.


The Student Improvement Analyzer

Want to see your improvement since your first assessment?  The Student Improvement Analyzer shows students' current performance scores compared to the initial assessment scores.


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