I paid for my license using the e-commerce store. What happens next?

Following your successful purchase of your NativeAccent license, you should receive 2 emails from the e-commerce store.

  1. A receipt for your purchase
  2. A welcome email with a login link, set your username, password and other information required for NativeAccent to personalize your account.

There are several reasons that you may not have received an email from Carnegie Speech.

  1. Your email address is incorrect.  If this error has caused you not to receive your purchase receipt and confirmation email from our e-commerce system, please raise a trouble ticket at https://support.carnegiespeech.com
  2. You used a friend's purchase card.  The account will be set up with the registered name on the card.  Make sure to use your email address is correct and then request a name change once you receive the receipt and welcome emails.
  3. For some reason, email from the carnegiespeech.com domain is blocked by Microsoft Hotmail and Live email servers.  We have been unsuccessful in eliminating this problem.  We recommend that you consider using an alternative email account with our e-commerce and instructional software. (Gmail is free and easy to use)
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  • 27-Sep-2017