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Carnegie Speech School Partnership Program
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Not every college and university program that would like to use NativeAccent has the funds available to purchase licenses for students to use it in their courses.  Not everyone at a university can attend pronunciation classes due to schedule conflicts or other commitments.  For example, university employees who are not ITAs, but need to improve speaking and listening skills to be successful.   Schools that participate in the Carnegie Speech School Partnership Program can offer administrators and instructors a way to deliver NativeAccent that does not require a large budgetary outlay to students enrolled in their programs and to independent learners.

What does it cost?

The School Partnership program costs the school $575.00 per year for account setup, teacher accounts, training, account management, and support.  There is no additional cost to the school.  A local administrative resource is required to participate in planning the course set-up. and instructors, lab managers, and tutors can see and manage classes and students if they so desire.  

How can my school participate?

  1. Once the institution’s purchase order or a P-card payment has been received, Carnegie Speech will:

    1. set up the account and create the requested course(s)

    2. generate a unique discount Promo code for each course

  2. Deliver a welcome email to each participating instructor with their login, instructions and the Promo code for each class that they are teaching.

How does it work?

  1. Carnegie Speech will set up the partner school account

  2. Carnegie Speech will set up and maintain the initial courses in the partner school.

  3. The participant purchases NativeAccent using a unique coupon code discounting the annual single-user license fee of $300 to $89.00 for 52 weeks of access to NativeAccent.

  4. Carnegie Speech will send the participant an enrollment email including login, password, links to tutorials, and the support center.

  5. A participant logs in, takes the initial assessment, and follows the intelligent tutor path.  They are licensed to use the software for unlimited access for one user for one year.

  6. Support for students, instructors, and administrators is available at

For questions regarding this program, please contact

David Oberlin

Vice President, Global Education

[email protected]



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