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The Teacher Roadmap: 11 - The Class Recording Report
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The Class Recording Report


The Class Recording report provides information is in two parts:

  1. A table of the number of active learning minutes and the number of recordings in each skill category and the totals.
  2. A virtual language lab function where the teacher can listen to the student's recordings and view the feedback provided by the system.


The Class Recording Report can be launched from the Teacher Dashboard or from the Reports icon on the Teacher Tools menu.



Select individual student names or "Select All" to include the entire class in this report and click the "Generate Report" icon.


The resulting table shows the class totals and the individual student's active learning time and recordings.

Studies show that active learning time is directly correlated to improvement in students' spoken English skills.


Clicking on a student's name will display their individual recordings sorted in date and time order. Click on the date/time to hear the student's recording of the exercise and see the color-coded is "good", yellow is "close", and red "needs improvement".  This view is often used to spot check the student's work to verify that they are on-task.   


To change the view to a diagnostic view of the recordings, click the Filters icon, and click "Sort by Skills".


Sorting by skill shows all the lessons that have been recorded for a particular skill.  Use the triangle icon to select the skill and see all the recordings for that skill in date/time order


To return to the dashboard, click the Dashboard icon in the Teacher Tools menu.


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