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The Teacher Roadmap: 13 - The Detailed Assessment Report
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The Detailed Assessment Report


The detailed assessment report shows the skills scores for all 100 skills assessed.  This report is available at the bottom of each student's record on the Summary Assessment Report page.


The Detailed Assessment Report shows the initial and current scores for each skill. 

The Bar and the Bold number show the percentage for each skill.

The number in parenthesis shows the numbers of samples for each skill.

The legend shows the dates and meanings of the colors and numbers.

Use the dropdown menu to navigate from "Pronunciation" to the desired skills category.

The number in bold is the probability of correctly expressing the skill, the number in (parentheses) is the number of samples measured.  Current skills can be compared with the initial or any subsequent assessment.

It is important to note that the assessment does not measure all the skills that are taught in order to limit the assessment to an average duration of  30 minutes.  The alternative was a 2-hour assessment which was deemed not acceptable in a survey of our customers.  

A skill that was not measured is represented as being “greyed out” and represented with NA for that skill.

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