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The Teacher Roadmap: 05 - Updating student information and resetting passwords using the "action" tool

Sometimes a student's information does not match the class roster. 

Students can and do use nicknames, "English" names, and other derivations when they register using temporary usernames and passwords or in the e-commerce process of purchasing a license.  This can cause confusion for the teacher when running and submitting reports.

In the teacher's view, locate the student name on the class roster.  Next to the student name is the "pen tip" action icon.  

Click the pencil and you can edit any student information with the exception of the student's selected username.  You can also "log in as" that student to see their learning path and activities.

Resetting the student's password

Ths student's password will be changed by entering a value into the blank PASSWORD field and clicking the Save button.

A teacher may not want to be responsible for creating and tracking passwords.  By entering changeme into the password field, the student will be forced to create a new password when they log in using their designated username and the temporary password changeme.

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  • 09-Jul-2020