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The Local Administrator:04 – Adding Courses
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When a school account is created by Carnegie Speech, the local admin account, a teacher training course, and two demo accounts are also created.  This course is intended to provide teachers and admins with an opportunity to view the student user interface and explore the student experience.

When you first log in you will be presented with the Dashboard View.  In this view, you will be able to view create courses as well as all the functions available to teachers.  Creating courses is the primary function of the local administrator.  Creating a new course is accomplished by clicking the Add Course button.

Add Course

Adding a course is accomplished by clicking the Add Course button. Course settings are generated by the local administrator or teacher based on the predicted goals and objectives for each course.  A standard set of default settings is provided by Carnegie Speech.  It is recommended that teachers review the course settings and, if changes are needed, make those changes BEFORE the students complete their initial assessment.  


  • Course Settings /  GENERAL tab (* indicates a required field)



Category - Select Carnegie ESL for Middle and High School students, Carnegie ESP for Early Speech students in grades 2-5, NativeAccent for adult ELLs CEFR levels B1 and Higher. and Carnegie BASICS for Adult ELLs at CEFR Level 1 and 2.

  • Course Full Name*(any descriptor that fits your schema).

  • Course Short Name*(no more than six alpha/numeric characters)

  • Course ID Number and Course Summary are optional.

  • Course Hours*

    • Multiply the number of weekly course hours that you want your students to work x the number of weeks in the school term (minus the first week for onboarding students and the last week for finals if your students are in an academic program).  Enter this number in the Course Hours box.

    • Recommended Strategy – set the number of course hours for half of the total hours of study.  At the end of that period, the students will automatically be assigned an interim assessment after which the system will assign a new intelligent tutor path, thereby collecting three assessment data points.



  • Course Settings / Intelligent Tutor tab

  • Review and adjust  the percentage assigned to each skill area

    • The default setting is 25% in each of the four skill areas.

    • If needed, change the values assigned using the slider bars or type in the new percentages.  When typing the percentage the total must equal 100% to complete this action.  When using the slider bar, NativeAccent will calculate the percentages based on this visual organizer.


  • Course Settings / Advanced

  • Select YES to have the system send the student a weekly reminder email showing their study time. Ignore other advanced options.

  • Click SAVE

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