NativeAccent for Students: 01 - Onboarding in NativeAccent and Carnegie BASICS

  1. You will receive a temporary username and password from your instructor or lab supervisor.
  2. There are three essential steps in the onboarding process:
    1. The hardware sound settings are set up for the headset microphone (<5 minutes)
      1. Microphone Set-up guide for Microsoft Windows
      2. Microphone Set-up guide for Mac OSX
    2. Adobe Flash player plugin settings are set up for your favorite browser (<5 minutes
      1. Adobe Flash Player settings for Google Chrome
      2. Adobe Flash Player settings for Mozilla Firefox
      3. Adobe Flash Player settings for Safari
    3. The System Check ensures that your hardware and software are optimized for NativeAccent. (1 minute)
      1. NativeAccent for Students: 01 - Getting Started
  3. Log into NativeAccent and Carnegie BASICS courses at and complete the course enrollment process. (<5 minutes)
  4. Continue and take the initial assessment. 
    1. A NativeAccent assessment should take about 30 minutes
    2. A Carnegie BASICS assessment should take about 10 minutes
  5. If you leave the assessment before completion,  exit by clicking Save and Quit (not just close the browser page). This creates a bookmark and allows you to continue the completion of your assessment on your next login.
  6. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a skills scorecard and then be taken to the first lesson in your custom NativeAccent learning path.

Remember, there is a direct relationship between your active learning time practice and your results.  Carnegie Speech recommends 2 lessons per day for the best balance between practice time and improvement.  2 ½ hours one day a week will not be an effective use of your time.

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