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The Teacher Roadmap: 14 - Password Management, customer care and technical support

Password management

Teachers can reset student passwords using the “Action” editing tool in the Teacher View.  Carnegie Speech uses changeme as the temporary password as it forces a password change when the student next logs in.

Students and Teachers can request a password reset by clicking on “Forgot Your Password?” on the NativeAccent web portal page.  

An email with the reset link will be sent to the email address associated with their account in the database.  Note:  If the Reset message does not appear in the student's inbox, advise them to check their Trash folder for the reset email.  Students sometimes assume that their commonly used email address is the same as the email address registered in NativeAccent.  To check this, go to the teacher dashboard and click the Action icon for their account. 

Customer Care and Technical Support

For issues that cannot be resolved using the Student, Teacher, or Local Administrator Road Maps, or by searching the FAQs...

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  • 09-Jul-2020