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The Teacher Roadmap: 08 - The Summary Assessment Report

The Summary Assessment Report

The Summary Assessment Report course compares a participant's skills in one or more assessments compared to their current skills.  This report classifies compares the number of skills above the skills threshold to the total number of skills assessed.   It also categorizes participants into three categories, Pass (needs minimal training), Train (needs moderate training),  or Fail (needs intensive training). The thresholds settings are discussed in The Teacher Roadmap: 03 - Manage Course Settings

To run the Summary Assessment Report, select the reports item on the Teacher Tools menu

In the resulting window, Select All or check the boxes next to the selected participant(s), then click Generate Report.

The resulting report displays both the number of skills above the skills thresholds set in the course creation process, surrounded by a color-coded block.

In the above example, in the initial assessment27 of the 38 phonemes assessed were above the skills threshold.   The block is yellow indicating the moderate training will be required to achieve a passing score.  The Legend shows the meaning of each color.

The website report is downloadable as a .csv file using the export icon.


The resulting file can be displayed as a text document but is most useful as a spreadsheet document.

The above example shows the initial skills scores on 14 Jan 2020 to the current skills scores on 23 Mar 2020.

The Weighted Score

It is possible the adjust the scoring system using the skills threshold (see above) and/or the percentage weight given to each skill.  These percentages are set in the course.  To adjust the weighting, go to the Teacher Tools menu / Class Management / Edit Course and click on the Intelligent Tutor tab.


In this example, equal weight is given to each skills category.  This might be appropriate for an integrated skills course.

By changing these values the weighted score in the Summary Assessment report will change according to the new settings.

In this example, the final score is weighted Word Stress 25% / Pronunciation 50% / Fluency 25% / Grammar 0%

This would be an appropriate weighting when there is not grammar included in the classroom curriculum, for example in a pronunciation course.