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The Teacher Roadmap: 07 - Moving students from one course to a different course
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Moving students from one course to a different course


Once a student has been enrolled in NativeAccent, they can be moved from one course to another; however, students cannot be enrolled in more than one course at a time.  They must first be removed from the current course they are enrolled in before they can be enrolled into a new course.

To accomplish this, click on your name in the upper right corner of the NativeAccent masthead and select Class Management / Manage Class Enrollment from the dropdown list.


You will be presented with a list of currently enrolled users in the left column.  The right column shows all students currently in the database who are not enrolled in the current course.  Use the Add and Remove buttons to move students in and out of a course.   A student must be enrolled in a course in order to log into the program.  Students can only be placed in one course at a time.

Remove student(s) who are to be placed into another course.  Add students who are not enrolled in another course.  To move students from one course to another, remove them from the current course, click Teacher View in Your Name dropdown, and go to the target course and add them using these instructions.


IMPORTANT! After the student has been moved into the target course, it is necessary to apply the new course settings to their profile.  To complete this process, go to the teacher tools menu and select Run IT (Intelligent Tutor).  Select the student's name and click the run button.


Miscellaneous Operations


  • Reset student(s) (remove all assessments/skills) – use for students who have been long absent from their studies.  They start again from the initial assessment.

  • Delete student(s) – removes students from the database.  This cannot be undone without assistance from [email protected]            


Use Cases

Run Intelligent Tutor-  when moving student(s) from one class to another to assign the new class settings.  All student data is maintained.

Reset Students – removes all assessments and skills and starts the student back at a new initial assessment.

Delete Student(s) – this removes all student data from your schools and makes their information anonymous in the database.   If a student is deleted in error, contact support


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